The Life of Sweet Lemon Brown

"Hard times always after a poor man. One day I got tired, sat down to rest a spell and felt a tap on my shoulder. Hard times had caught up with me."


Sweet Lemon Brown is best known for playing his harmonica which could "make it rain in the middle of a summer dry spell", but he was an equally talented vocalist who spread his style of blues throughout the South during the late 30's. Although he was never a featured performer, he drew rave reviews and had a small but vocal following which included his wife and his son Jesse.


After his wife passed away, Jesse moved in with his mother's sister while Lemon continued to play small clubs. Jesse later died in the war, leaving Lemon alone without any family, and soon after that, he disappeared from the scene altogether.


The legacy of Lemon Brown lives on through the short story written by Walter Dean Myers which can be read by clicking on the link to the right. Much like Myers short story, this biography of the great Lemon Brown is also fiction.