"Ode to the Tinker Toy"

Bruce Tracy

Ode to the Tinker Toy

a perfect gift for every girl and boy

and Legos and Hot Wheels and Lincoln Logs too

Silly Putty and Slime and other goo


watching our Slinky descend a stair

and pulling the gum out of Barbi’s hair

Rockem and Sockem those robots were cool

and we’d fly Evel Knieval over our neighbor’s pool


a Barrel O’ Monkeys and Armstrong named Stretch

fiddling around with our Etch a Sketch

skates and jacks and the Rubic’s Cube

sliding through snow in our inner tube


but those days are gone and our kids won’t play

they sit by the t.v. almost every day

and we stand and we wonder why our kids can’t read

as their eyes glaze over watching MTV